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"CARBON™" Ring & Bearings

"CARBON™" Gland Packing
Rings & Piston Rings

"CARBON™" Graphite Blocks

"CARBON™" Graphite
Crucibles & "V" Blocks

"CARBON™" Graphite
Slide Rails

"CARBON™" Graphite Lugs,
Half Round Bearing &
Lock Pins - For Famatex
Stenter M/C.

"CARBON™" Rings for
Submersible Water Pump

"CARBON™" Vanes &
Vane Blades

CARBON & Graphite products for chemical, Mechincal & Electrical Applications.

Asbestos graphited slide rails, CARBON lugs,halr round bearing For diff. types of stenter machine like primatex Monfort, Brokner & also for stentex machine.


CARBON Graphite.


Resin Impregnated.

Antimony Impregnated.

CARBON segment nngs, seal rings, spherical, cylindrical & square bushes for duff. types of turbines, Hfo pumps, compressors, Mechanical seals, Rotary joints and valves.


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