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Rotary Joints
Rotary Unions
Swivel Joints
PTFE Products
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Mechanical Seals
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Incorporated in 1993, CARBON Rotofluid Pvt. Ltd. is one of the recognized names in Manufacturer and exporter of "CARBON™" Brand Rotary Joints and Rotary union, Swivel Joints, Mechanical Seals, CARBON - Graphite & Virgin / Filled Grade PTFE Products.

In Rotary Joints & Unions, CARBON '101' Series Rotary Unions, '102' Series Rotary Unions, '103' Series Rotary Unions. CARBON '301' Series Rotary Joints, '501' Series Rotary Joints, '701' Series Rotary Joints, '801' Series Rotary Joints, Sealing Ring Set for Rotary Joint, Syphon Elbow, Continuous Casting Machine, Custom Made Rotary Joints, etc.

Rotary Joints

Precision at performance

Rotary Joints - Precesion Multi Port Rotary Joints
Rotary Unions - Suitable for any Application 
Swivel Joints : Stepped ball race arrangement
PTFE Products - Wide Range of PTFE Products
Carbon & Graphite Products 

Products Display / Photo Gallery

301 Series Rotary Joint

501 Series Rotary Joint

701 Series Rotary Joint

801 Series Rotary Joint

Carbon Sealing Rings

Syphon Albow

Rotary Joint

Rotary Union

101 Series Rotary Union

102 Series Rotary Union

130 Series Rotary Union

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Products Highlights

Rotary Joints
"CARBON™" Brand 
Bearing Housing Mounted
Special Rotary Joints
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